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Drew Stanton will get shot to replace Carson Palmer

Apparently there is a reason Stanton wanted to come back to the Arizona Cardinals.

Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

Father time is undefeated, at least that is how the saying goes, and for the Arizona Cardinals and Carson Palmer that time is coming sooner rather than later.  Maybe sooner than any of us realize based on some interesting comments made by one Drew Stanton.

What this says is simply that Stanton wants a chance to start, but also to be in a situation and system that he is comfortable with.

It makes sense for Stanton, he wants to be comfortable when he truly gets his first chance to be a starter in the NFL, but what does not make sense is that Stanton's contract is two years, the same time frame that is remaining on Carson Palmer's contract.

Why would getting to start in 2018 be on Stanton's mind but his contract isn't? Is there something more to worry about, in the instance that maybe 2016 may be the last year for one Carson Palmer?

This isn't to start rumors or mass panic, but it does raise an interesting question, why would Stanton be planning on competing for a starting job in 2018 if he doesn't have a contract for that season?

Hopefully, this is just some weird happenstance, but maybe, the Arizona Cardinals are planning on giving Stanton the reigns in 2017 while bringing in a young quarterback as well.

Could 2016 be Palmer's last hurrah?