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Bruce Arians will cut you for parking in the wrong spot

One of the highlights of the Arizona Cardinals series, Bruce Arians will cut you if you don't follow the parking rules

Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports

Everyone knows Bruce Arians is a hard ass on his players, but the extent to which he expects his players to follow the rules is even more surprising as seen on "All or Nothing: A Season with the Arizona Cardinals".

During the first episode we heard Bruce Arians warn his team about parking in spots that have signs, if the sign isn't yours, just don't park there.  Simple enough rules it would see, but for one player, the rules were a little to hard to follow.

Lawrence Okoye was a practice squad player, but in October he was let go by the Arizona Cardinals. No big deal, we learned that Steve Keim has made over 400 roster moves in his time as Arizona Cardinals GM, why would this one be on anyone's radar, well there was a little bit more to the story.

As Arians told team president Michael Bidwill "Parked in the wrong spot, there weren't any parking places so he just parked and came running in. Tough (expletive), bro."

Needless to say, just follow the rules.