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67 Days until the Arizona Cardinals Kick Off the season

What are some stats to go with the number 67 in Cardinals history?

Christian Petersen/Getty Images

We are getting closer and closer to the start of the regular season, with only 67 days until the Arizona Cardinals kick off against the New England Patriots.

There are some fun 67 stats in Cardinals history, as well as some okay players that sported the number 67 for the Cardinals.

Let's take a look.

  • Luis Sharpe was a great player in his time, but also had some demons off the field that resulted in him not being an integral part of the Cardinals history.  In his time though he was a three time Pro Bowler.
  • Larry Stallings was an excellent linebacker in his own right and a one time Pro Bowler with the Cardinals.
  • Chris Dishman was a linemen in the 90's with the Cardinals, he was okay.  He was the last player with any discernable impact throughout Cardinals history.  Pat McQuistan was the last to wear 67.  Antonio Smith wore 67 his first two seasons.
  • Carson Palmer's QBR was 67.69 in 2014. Someone smarter than me explain what this means. How was Palmer 15 points worse in 2014?
  • John Grigas averaged 67.8 yards per game in 1944, George Grosvenore averaged 67.7 yards per game in 1936 and Johnny Roland averaged 67.4 yards per game in 1967.  Gungus can explain the abilities of all three gentleman.
Anymore 67's?