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Bruce Arians a Top Five NFL Coach

More off season rankings have the Arizona Cardinals at the top.

Jason Getz-USA TODAY Sports

In an off season full of lists and rankings, we have another one to go through today, as's Elliot Harrison ranks the 32 head coaches in the NFL.

While we have seen a couple of these throughout the off season, this one intrigued me for a variety of reason, Arians placement and who was above him, but also who Arians was above.

Most lists this off season have Arians behind only Pete Carroll and Bill Belichick, but on Harrison's list, he has Arians fifth, and says:

Arians won with Andrew Luck as a rookie. He won with Carson Palmer as a veteran. He made do with Drew Stanton. Arians' ability to relate to his players (all of his players: black, white, vet, rookie, Hall of Fame-caliber or special teamer) helps explain his 34-14 record in Arizona, as well as his Coach of the Year tenure -- as an interim coach -- in Indianapolis. He's won two of those things now, which puts him fifth on our list.

I think all of that sums up the good about Arians, but why behind Mike Tomlin and Mike McCarthy right now?  How are they better than Arians currently?  If the standard is winning a Super Bowl while keeping your team in the playoffs almost every year wouldn't John Harbaugh and now Gary Kubiak be above Arians?

For what it is worth, Arians as a top five head coach is completely fair and accurate until he wins the big one, but how people create their lists are always more interesting than the list themselves, at least to me.

Subjective rankings stay subjective.