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All or Nothing: A Season with the Arizona Cardinals Episode Six Review

What happens when the heart and soul of your team goes down? The aftermath of the Tyrann Mathieu injury highlights episode six of All or Nothing: A Season with the Arizona Cardinals

Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports

In our continuation of the series recap, we review Episode 6 of the Arizona Cardinals All or Nothing. 

Disaster strikes on both sides of the ball

The recap of losing the Honey Badger and Carson Palmer dislocating his finger plays out in the training room and in front of the cameras. It's painful to watch, seeing the team reel from the knowledge that they lost such a special player in Mathieu. Knowing what we know now the finger dislocation will have an impact through the playoffs and contribute to a subpar showing in the NFC championship game. 

Practice leading up to Green Bay game

Seeing the DBs practice specifically to take away Aaron Rodger's back shoulder fade was interesting, and it providing some background proving Bethel can be very good and coached up well. Seeing the background coaching followed by the game footage actually increased my confidence in Bethel to be a starting CB in time. While we know he's still growing into that spot, and is picked on at times, he's shown what he can do when the coaching is right and he's playing with the lights on. 

Pro Bowl Announcements
As Bidwill called the Pro Bowl selectees it was a great moment to learn Larry Fitzgerald has made nine pro bowls. But what struck me more was Larry Fitzgerald's comment at practice that only one other wide receiver has made 10 Pro Bowls, and that's Jerry Rice, the man Fitzgerald has idolized his entire sports career.  

Cooking with Freeney
Dwight Freeney's Jamaican chicken looked amazing and then his inspirational speech to the defensive lineman was great. Getting his view of the strategy of the game and how he sets up his spin move for success seems like some serious trade secrets. I'm surprised they provided that much information. But it was apparent, Freeney was cooking up something special for Green Bay.

Earning the Bye Week and #2 Seed
I was very surprised by how well the production value was able to build up the emotional part of the game as the Cardinals played a dedicated game for Tyrann Mathieu.

The emphasis on David Johnson and his ability to recover mentally from what should have been a sure touchdown in the first half and then making moves and rushing with confidence is evidence as to why David is getting so much hype coming into year two. 

It was so enjoyable watching the beat down of the Packers and the confidence of the team soar as they beat up a fellow playoff contender. 

Freeney was true to his promise, he ended the game with three sacks and poured it on the Green Bay replacement left tackle. It netted him $300,000 plus his game check.

Virtual Reality is a Reality

Carson Palmer provides an overview of how the virtual reality helps him review practice and see how plays develop and what he missed. This seems like it will be a real game changer going into next year, and I wouldn't be surprised to see more teams using it soon. 

A loss to the family
Another very emotional moment in the show as Michael Bidwill loses his beloved rescue dog, Reilly. Reilly lost her fight with cancer and it her loss was strongly felt by the Cardinals owner. If you've ever lost a pet before their time, this moment stirs strong emotions. 

The importance of Vets
Bruce Arians and Steve Keim talk about resigning former Seattle Defensive Tackle, Red Bryant.

Getting to see the background of Bryant and how excited he was to be playing for the Cardinals was great. He seemed like a big family man. 

The next vet was Cory Redding sharing his tradition for cookies after a win and his wife helping him bake dozens and dozens of cookies. 

A precursor to a bad game 
The practice prior to the Seahawks game showed no energy and mental errors, foreshadowing the beating the Cardinals would receive to close the season out in a worthless game. 

The Seahawks at the Cardinals

It starts with an interception and it starts pouring down from there. The Seahawks begin the embarrassment of the Cardinals and it got to 30-6 at the half, then with no passion coming out of the half the Cardinals limp 36-6 into the playoffs and a starting defense that was beat by second stringers.

Arians and his Wife review Black Monday
The day after the season ended and coaches Arians knew lose their jobs, it becomes a time for reflection for the number of times it had happened to them. 

The episode ends with the preparations to go 3-0.