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D.J. Humphries Looking to Get Better and Dominate in 2016

Throughout the off season the young offensive lineman has been a fixture at one of the elite offensive line training facilities.

Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

When it comes to the 2017 season no player on the Arizona Cardinals roster has as much pressure to perform a DJ Humphries.  While we cannot know how much Humphries has grown until games start being played, we do know how much time and effort he has put into the off season and getting better.

Humphries has been a mainstay at OL Performance in Chandler, AZ since the off season started.  OL Performance is run by former Pro Bowl center LeCharles Bentley and is designed specifically for offensive lineman to get the coaching, but also the strength and conditioning that they need to be successful.

Humphries has been part of many videos sent out by Bentley on his Twitter account about how hard and how much he is improving.

What Humphries is getting through OLP is something he could not get even in Arizona, as there is not much in terms of time to teach, especially for a rookie.

Seeing Humphries workout all off season (basically) with one of the best teachers in the business in Bentley will be hugely beneficial to D.J.'s growth in year two and beyond.

It is the type of desire that you want to see on a team so close to a championship from a key player.