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All or Nothing: A Season with the Arizona Cardinals Episode Seven Review

The Playoffs are a brand new season for the Arizona Cardinals

Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports

The episode starts with BA making sure the team knows, playoffs are a serious business. There's nothing more important in these next three games. Luckily, though, the bye week provides time for a couple off days.

I enjoyed seeing the corners spending time together on the golf course, while Redding, Calais, and Gunter joked around and bowled together. It's funny how Calais told Gunter how he must be the worst bowler he's ever seen, yet when they make a bet, its Campbell doing the pushups!

Harold Goodwin doesn't get a whole lot of time on the show, yet he gets a piece here, talking about a possible head coaching spot. You feel for him, knowing he doesn't end up getting that job.

As an AZ fan, my favorite part is seeing the practices and the work these position coaches do. Even as fans, they don't get a whole lot of recognition, but they are definitely keys to Arians' machine. Brentson Buckner is a star. Putting up his film had me rolling. "If I was 6'5" I'd have a gold jacket."

Cory Redding is another unlikely star of this show. He's much more of the team than I ever knew, and seeing him put on IR really hurt. Knowing he's now retired, I really hope he joins the staff at some point.

And then we go on to the game- Packers at Cardinals.

Both offenses started off extremely slow, evident of the 7-6 halftime score. This episode came with a new view- showing the coach assistants in the box. Also, we watched David's finance Meghan, Bruce's wife Christine, and (in the owner's box) Mathieu, Bidwell, and Keim.

One of the best moments from the sideline?  Christine yelling at the other's in the box- "What the hell's the matter with you? You don't cheer when our offense is on the field." She's amazing.

The 17-13 lead, following the tipped ball touchdown to Floyd, feels like the high point of the game. Even Michael Bidwell is telling Tyrann, I think we are going to win this game. Little did we know then.

:55 seconds left. 4th and 20. How Janis gets behind Bethel, i will never know.

But then, a couple of stops later, there's just :05, and the Packers aren't even at mid field yet. BA, knowing Rodgers has the arm to pull it off, tells Bettcher- "You want to give him a shot at the Hail Mary, or you want to go get him?" Bettcher sends 5, and Rodgers eludes them, threading that final touchdown between Pat Pete and Rashad Johnson. Johnson dives to knock out the ball as Janis goes to the ground, but it's hard to tell if it ever touches the ground. Even now, I can't tell.


How could I forget the infamous coin flip-that-didn't-flip? Luckily for the Cards, we won both... flips.

Watching Arians and Fitzgerald talking plays as overtime kicks off was perfect. First play, Fitzgerald runs a shallow cross while Palmer eludes to rush... and again, how Fitz is uncovered in the opposite flat, I will never know. I love how he's running wild, and every is losing their minds, and there's Christine Arians yelling "Hold on to the ball FITZ!" That's a coaches wife, fellas.

Then, Bruce calls what would be the final play, as he asks Palmer " okay with the shovel okie?"

Great call BA.

On to Carolina.