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Arizona Cardinals open season in 65 Days

What are some stats for 65 with the Cardinals? Who has worn the number 65?

Taylor Boggs is on the Cardinals roster right now.
Taylor Boggs is on the Cardinals roster right now.
Andrew Weber-USA TODAY Sports

There are only 65 days until the Arizona Cardinals 2016 regular season opener against the New England Patriots.  The Patriots may be without Tom Brady, but they are still the Patriots.

What are some stats that go along with 65?  Who are some players that have worn 65 in their Cardinals career?

Let's get started with today's 65's.

It is interesting as we get into these 60's numbers that there have been few good players in the Cardinals history to wear the numbers.

  • David Galloway wore 65 in the 1980's and may have been the best, but Anthony Clement is nipping on his heels, and if you are like me and remember Clement, that is not a good thing.
  • Clement was also the last Arizona Cardinals player to wear 65 in the regular season. That is astonishing to me since that was in 2004.  No player has sported 65 during an actual regular season game since 2004?
  • Derek Anderson's passer rating in 2010 was 65.9... He takes this seriously.
  • Kent Graham's passer rating in 1997 was 65.9, Brian Hoyer's passer rating in 2012 was 65.8 and Jake Plummer's passer rating in his last year in the desert, 2002, was 65.7.
  • Stump Mitchell averaged 65.1 yards per game in 1987. His beard was not present during this time.
  • Aeneas Williams' career long interception was 65 yards.

Any other 65's you can think of?