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"All or Nothing" Season Two Confirmed, Will Arizona Cardinals Be the Focus?

The Showrunner for the "All or Nothing" series with the Cardinals confirmed a season two, could Arizona get another run on the show?

Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports

After an amazing eight hours of inside information and behind the scenes access on the Arizona Cardinals 2015 season and the bittersweet ending it looks like we are in line for a season two of "All or Nothing".

Keith Cossrow, the showrunner for "All or Nothing: A Season with the Arizona Cardinals" was on a Reddit Ask Me Anything and confirmed the second season, as Cossrow was asked "What are future plans with All or Nothing? Have you reached out to other teams?" Cossrow's response was simply "We look forward to season two!"

While he did not mention a team, after being asked several times, there was much chatter that maybe the Arizona Cardinals would get a second season as the team featured on "All or Nothing".

Cossrow avoided all questions to which team will be involved in season two, but he did talk about the fact that the Arizona Cardinals approached them about the idea, "The Cardinals, led by owner Michael Bidwill, actually approached us about doing something like this. We were never going to do it until the right team and the right circumstance came along who understood what it would take to make a show people would want to watch. The Cardinals were that team, and we will be forever grateful to them for pulling back the curtain for us and the world."

There was also a lot of great insight about the show, so check out the whole AMA, but a couple of my favorites:

"The Cardinals were a cool group. No camera hogs. The WRs were a little bit shy but great guys."

"Hard to pick a favorite. Was talking to a friend last night who mentioned when BA asks Carson if he wants to take a knee at the end of the NFCCG. That's a pretty good moment."

"One of the most impressive things about the Cardinals is the dynamic among owner/gm/head coach. Those three are in lock step and I think it has a lot to do with their success."

Here's hoping we get a second season of "All or Nothing" with the Arizona Cardinals and that the ending is even better.