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Arizona Cardinals "Worst" Picks of the Last Three Years

Steve Keim has been nails building a team, but he has made some mistakes, what are the five worst mistakes in the Keim era so far.

Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

One thing we have noticed over the past four off seasons since Steve Keim took over is that he understands the market.  While he has one big red mark on his decision making, paying Daryl Washington, his record outside of that is very good.

Yet, outside of Washington there have been some misses, and most of those come in the form of the NFL Draft.

While we all know the biggest "miss" for Keim, here are four other players that have been misses thus far.

Jonathan Cooper- Not much needs to be said here, he was expected to be a fixture along the offensive line for the next 5-7 years and they only got 11 starts out of him in three seasons, with Cooper making only 24 appearances in games.

Troy Niklas- While Niklas may come out of his shell in 2016, through two seasons though he's produced 7 caches, 71 yards and 2 touchdowns.  Those are nice single game numbers, butfor a career from a second round tight end, that's not exactly what you want. Perennial Cardinals whipping boy Rob Housler had 57 catches for 550 yards in his first two seasons in the desert.

Kareem Martin- There is a theme to the "misses" for Keim, and that is raw athletic talent not materializing in the NFL.  For every Ezekiel Ansah there are 100 Kareem Martin's, guys who look the part and move the part, but just cannot seem to put it together on the field. Through two seasons, that has been Martin.  We will continue to expect a breakout from him though, because he's so damn enticing.

Logan Thomas- While I am on record of liking the pick, it falls into a similar area as Niklas and Martin, in that the athleticism didn't match the on the field.  More position than any though, quarterback is about understanding the game, and if that was truly Logan's issue, then it makes sense why he is not on the roster.

Kevin Minter- While Minter may not be the miss in the most technical of terms, I didn't feel like a Ryan Swope or Walt Powell deserved to be on here.  Minter makes the list because his play has been supremely average and he seems like a replaceable commodity.  Add to the fact that they passed on Pro Bowlers at positions of need in 2013 (and maybe even today) in Jamie Collins, Le'Veon bell, Eddie lacy and Travis Kelce, and the Minter pick is one of the more underwhelming of the Keim era.

Which is saying something when you get a nice player for two years.