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Carson Palmer is a Top Four NFL Quarterback

With the NFL 100 list complete, the Arizona Cardinals quarterback finds himself in some elite company.

Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

There has not been much in the way of negative opinion on the Arizona Cardinals and specifically Carson Palmer after the playoff implosion, which speaks volumes to what Palmer has done in his time in Arizona.  That culminated last week with Palmer making an appearance on the NFL 100 list, coming in at 12, the first such appearance on the list in his career.

The surprise is not that he was so high, his play the past 33 regular season games (dating back to the second half of 2013) has been as good as anyone's in the NFL.

The surprise, at least to me, comes in the way that he is looked at as one of the top four quarterbacks in the NFL, or at least was in 2015.

Coming in ahead of Palmer on the NFL 100 list at quarterback were: Aaron Rodgers (6), Tom Brady (2), and Cam Newton (1).  Palmer has placed himself, at least to this group of NFLer's, ahead of Russell Wilson (17), Ben Roethlisberger (21), Drew Brees (30), Andy Dalton (35), Phillip Rivers (46), and Blake Bortles (56) rounding out the top ten quarterbacks in the NFL per the NFL 100.

Palmer's work during 2014 before injury and 2015 post injury is so good that his peers have not been able to overlook him anymore.

For Palmer and the Cardinals, as well as the fanbase, there is one thing more important than Palmer being amongst the best in the league at his position, and that is winning a Super Bowl.

I am sure Palmer appreciates the accolades, but his sites are much higher now.