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Larry Fitzgerald is 1 of 11 to make every NFL 100 List

How good has 11 been with the Arizona Cardinals?

Christian Petersen/Getty Images

With the NFL 100 list coming to an end, there is one special thing to take away for Arizona Cardinals fans, and that as always is Larry Fitzgerald has spoiled us over the years.

Over the six seasons of the NFL 100 list, Larry Fitzgerald has been a part of every list, one of only 11 players to do so.

Fitzgerald joins Tom Brady, Darrelle Revis, Aaron Rodgers, Demarcus Ware, Adrian Peterson, Joe Thomas, Ben Roethlisberger, Ndamokung Suh, Clay Matthews and Drew Brees as the 11 players to be a part of every list.

Fitzgerald over the last six years has been dealt a bad hand a lot of the times, but it has not affected what others in the league think of him, as his average ranking on the list is 29.33.

A top 30 player over the last six years, where Fitzgerald has been injured and under performed statistically, according to his own standards, the fact that Fitzgerald is amongst such talented company speaks to who Fitzgerald is as a player in the NFL.

What is next for Fitz? Well we know he wants one more Pro Bowl nomination in order to be only the second wide receiver in NFL history with 10 or more.  We also know that getting a ring consumes him, as his reaction in "All or Nothing: A Season with the Arizona Cardinals" to the Panthers loss was maybe the most heart breaking part of the series.

Fitzgerald, for all of his success and accolades, knows that to stand amongst giants when it is all said and done has to win that ring, and maybe that will be the ride off into the sunset that he so deserves, 10 Pro Bowls and a ring.