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Arizona Cardinals Favorites to Make Playoffs in 2016

The Vegas Odds like the Cardinals chances to get back to the playoffs in 2016

Christian Petersen/Getty Images

While the Cardinals have come a long way in terms of respect, there is still a little bit of uncertainty to them as a team.  Will Carson Palmer continue to play at a high level?  Will David Johnson become the star some many expect?  These are the questions that Las Vegas must have based on the new playoff odds they released. used the Vegas lines and the Arizona Cardinals come in at -200 to make the playoffs.  They are 1 of 13 teams with favorable odds to make the playoffs.

Arizona Cardinals -200
Carolina Panthers -450
Cincinnati Bengals -165
Dallas Cowboys -140
Denver Broncos -150
Green Bay Packers -500
Houston Texans -135
Indianapolis Colts -165
Kansas City Chiefs -150
Minnesota Vikings -200
New England Patriots -500
Pittsburgh Steelers -300
Seattle Seahawks -500

The question, as always, is what puts Arizona below a team like Carolina, Seattle, Green bay or Pittsburgh?  How is a New England team with four games without Tom Brady that much more likely to make the playoffs than the Cardinals at seemingly full strength?

Vegas is great at this stuff, but they have seemed to underestimate Arizona quite a bit in the Arians era, so this is no different to see Arizona in more of a tier with Cincy, Indy and Minnesota than the truly "elites" in the NFL.  Hey, it is a huge change from the normal though.