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Six Shots and a Chaser with Revenge of the Birds

Talking everything football and anything else that comes to mind on the Arizona Cardinals.

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The Arizona Cardinals kickoff the pre-season on Friday against the Oakland Raiders and barring any weird field issues, we have six pre-season games kicking off tomorrow evening.

The rules of the thread:

  • No Hurricanes: Text blocks are welcome but they are better served in the Fan Posts section. Share a link here or on any thread.
  • Keep it civil.
  • Keep it relative.
  • No illegal streams or inappropriate content.
  • Have fun.

First Shot: Chris Hubert's ascension is really weird.  I was doing some background into Hubert to get to know what stuck out and he ran an alleged 4.62 40.  He's listed at 5-8 170lbs.  He put up only 129 catches 1,784 yards and 19 touchdowns in his career, which is really good, but it would never steer NFL teams towards him as a player.

Hubert has to be one of those "gut feeling" guys. He makes no sense, but he keeps producing.

Second Shot: The defensive line is such a question mark right now for me.  I look at the talent, but how many guys are healthy? How many players right now can you count on?  I love the make up of the roster, I just want to see it healthy.  Think about it like this, Stinson is a bubble player if everyone is healthy.  Right now, he's the starter opposite Calais Campbell.  Frostee Rucker, Corey Peters and Robert Nkemdiche is a formidable starting front three, when will they even be ready to play?  This team looks great on paper, but these guys need to get healthy.

Third Shot: I just started going into players for the 2017 NFL Draft, but I can tell you my draft crush team, that will be Oklahoma State. The Cowboys boast Mason Rudolph and James Washington, but also Barry Sanders (don't call him Junior). Rudolph is my pick to Paxton Lynch this year.

Fourth Shot: If you don't listen to the Draft Breakdown podcast, I recommend changing that, but especially over the next two weeks.  Subscribe to the show, give us a review and take a screenshot of it and you will get a 105 page PDF breakdown of over 350 draft eligible prospects.  It is a great guide to help you through the 2016 college football season.

Fifth Shot: The best thing I've read this week so far is another piece from "The Ringer" highlighting Marcus Mariota.  Kevin Clark does an excellent job of explaining the unique abilities Mariota possesses, but also how the Titans are not fully welcoming that ability. Check it out.

Sixth Shot: If you are a TV nut like I am, simply because when you have five kids you don't get to do much outside of the house this time of year, then you need to be watching "The Night Of" on HBO.  I've seen it described as what we wanted season two of "True Detective" to be.  It's fascinating, gripping and keeps you guessing.  I highly suggest it.  Here is a nice overall review if you don't know anything about it.

Chaser: If you coach youth tackle football like I do, I recommend learning how to coach the Seahawks Tackling techniques.  It is taking the head out of tackling in football and it is different than anything I have ever learned, but it makes sense.  Check it out.