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Arizona Cardinals News and Notes from Wednesday's Training Camp

All the information from camp on Wednesday from the Arizona Cardinals.

Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports

Only two more days until the Arizona Cardinals kickoff the pre-season against the Oakland Raiders.

Today was the last big day of camp before the Cardinals take on the Raiders, so this will be the last good day of information.

Unfortunately for the Cardinals that means another injury, this one a knee bruise for Earl Watford. He'll be out a couple of weeks.

Bruce Arians talked about the fact that they'll keep the best 53 players and not worry about the positions they play.

Harold Goodwin will continue his audition for being a head coach. The tutelage of Bruce Arians should pay Goodwin dividends.

Again, there is probably some type of open tryout for wide receiver in the pre-season if you are interested.

Happy for Elie. Hope he makes the plays he needs to in order to compete.

Adam Green was not happy about the traffic.

A little info on the practices in San Diego. Anything else?