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Arizona Cardinals Tickets Cost Low, Draw on the Road Even Lower

The Arizona Cardinals may be one of the best teams in the NFL, but the ticket prices wouldn't tell you that.

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Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports

The Arizona Cardinals ticket may be hot in the valley, but in the landscape of the NFL, they are still not "must see" in person.

Vivid Seats, a secondary ticket market place, has release the median ticket price for home games and how much a road team drives up the price of a ticket when they travel.

For the Arizona Cardinals, the median price of their tickets is $150.13, ranking 21st in the NFL.

While the Cardinals may be Super Bowl favorites, they still do not have much demand on the road, as they are 23rd in road draws, per Vivid Seats.  They do draw a 1% increase in ticket price when they show up to an opposing stadium, which is probably different than years past, but I found it surprising that this Cardinals team still isn't a draw on the road.

The Seattle Seahawks have the highest median ticket price, so if you're ever thinking of traveling to a game, be ready to shell out some cash, at $398 a ticket at median price per Vivid Seats.

Not shocking, the teams where you'll have to pay the most over median price when they travel to your town are the New England Patriots at +66%, the Green Bay Packers at +62%, the Dallas Cowboys at +57%, the Denver Broncos at +56% and rounding out the top five the Pittsburgh Steelers at +48%.

Maybe a few more successful seasons and we'll see the Arizona Cardinals creep up the list of must see teams.