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Bird Droppings: Arizona Cardinals Links for Sunday Coffee

A look at some of the post game coverage from the Arizona Cardinals first loss of the preseason.

Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

The Arizona Cardinals lost their first preseason game of the season 31-10.  It has led to mass panic and chaos in the streets.

I kid, after a stellar outing by the first team, there were some issues with the second team and beyond, but you have to be encouraged by the talent the Arizona Cardinals roster boasts.

Revenge of the Birds has you covered from every angle when it comes to looking at the game, but that doesn't mean there is not some excellent coverage from around the web.

Here are the best stories from the week on the Arizona Cardinals.

Cards first drive almost stalled because of missed call

The difference between the first unit and the rest of the quarterbacks is simple, when something goes wrong; Carson Palmer has the ability to make up for it.  Jess Root took a look at what almost caused issues on the first drive.

Andre Ellington is finally in the right spot

I will try and get to a detailed look at this sometime this week, but Adam Green did a nice job of showing how Andre Ellington is in the perfect role.

Humphries and Williams Didn't Quiet Their Critics

I don't have to agree with everything I post, do I?  I thought Humphries was excellent, minus two pass sets.  I thought Williams youth at the cornerback position showed, simple things like not jamming, not turning to find the ball, but this is an interesting opinion.

Matt Barkley is "Good, Bad and Ugly" (Trademark pending)

We're doing a special look at Barkley's day, but I think what Bruce Arians had to say is extremely relevant.

Jake Coker Has Long Odds to Make Cardinals

The Alabama SB Nation site took a look at Coker's chance to make the Arizona Cardinals, however unlikely they may be.  I like that they acknowledge the fact it would be a practice squad position if he does make the team.