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Rob Gronkowski Leaves Patriots Practice Early with Unknown Ailment

Elsa/Getty Images

The Chicago Bears are holding a joint practice with the New England Patriots this week. Since the Patriots are the Arizona Cardinals first opponent, and with no practice information coming from the Arizona Cardinals today, a little update on the Patriots and a place to discuss anything that’s on your mind.

Rob Gronkowski left Patriots practice early, with what looked to be a hamstring injury, something to monitor over the next 27 days or so before the Arizona Cardinals take on the New England Patriots in the Sunday Night Football opener.

With the Cardinals having a joint practice with the San Diego Chargers and the Patriots having a joint practice with the Chicago Bears this week, it will be interesting to see if there is as much tension in the Cardinals and Chargers joint practice as there has been in the Bears and Pats.

Today alone there were two separate instances of fights breaking out, one involving Alshon Jeffery and Malcolm Butler and the other involving Nate Solder and Justin Houston.

Check out Pats Pulpit for a little more details on the fights as well as any updates that may come out about Rob Gronkowski.