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Football Outsiders Weighs in on the Arizona Cardinals Wide Receivers

Who does the analytics site think the Arizona Cardinals should keep between John Brown and Michael Floyd?

Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

The debate will rage on all season, if the Arizona Cardinals are going to only keep one young wide receiver, who should it be, John Brown or Michael Floyd?

I figured getting an unbiased third party, like Football Outsiders, who watch games, keep track of the work done by each wide receiver and who has been the better player thus far would be a good question for my five questions with Football Outsiders (Scott Kacsmar answered all the questions).

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Which young wide receiver do you believe the Arizona Cardinals should prioritize when it comes to re-signing, John Brown or Michael Floyd?

You get the height advantage for the deep ball with Floyd, but I prefer John Brown. I think he's faster and runs better routes, and can still make big plays as well as being better at YAC plays than Floyd. You'd like to keep them both with Larry Fitzgerald's age, but I would favor Brown if it came down to keeping one.

Scott falls on the side of choosing John Brown.  I am on record as well with Brown, I think his growth from season one to season two was greater than Floyd's and that he can continue to get better.

I wrote about what argument you should make if you are siding on the "Sign Floyd" side of things.

What do you think?