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Arizona Cardinals News and Notes for Wednesday

Wednesday highlights from the Arizona Cardinals practice.

Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

The Arizona Cardinals were without two starters on offense and their head coach on Wednesday’s practice. Which means that a core group of important players had the day off for the Arizona Cardinals.

The good news is Bruce Arians is healthy and should be ready to go for the regular season. There is a lot of information on diverticulitis and Bruce Arians, but here’s the gist:

Arians needs to take it easy, he can have flare ups at any time, but he can reduce that with proper diet, that includes heavy fiber consumption.

It is a weird disease, our clinical library (I work in a health clinic) had way too much information including a section on myths of a diet to prevent diverticulitis, so just know that it could come up again during the season. We just have to hope coach does whatever he can to stay healthy.

As for the veteran’s day off, it was Larry Fitzgerald and Evan Mathis today, after getting beat up by another team yesterday.

Apparently Alex Okafor was not practicing either today, which is disappointing, hopefully it is nothings serious with Alex, but this could be a big chance for Shaq Riddick and Tristan Okpalaugo.

As I have said before, the best thing about a joint practice is that the players can’t cheat. I referenced Brandon Williams, but this is everyone. It opens things up to see what another team is doing and forces you to react, as opposed to knowing what your team does in practice.

Again, not a ton of information coming out during camp, but here is the feed: