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Three Questions with Bolts from the Blue

The Arizona Cardinals take on the San Diego Chargers on Friday and Bolts from the Blue was nice enough to answer some questions for Arizona Cardinals fans.

Matt Kartozian-USA TODAY Sports

The Arizona Cardinals and San Diego Chargers square off in the second game of the preseason for both teams.  The Chargers are working on getting back to contention behind Philip Rivers and head coach Mike McCoy, but they need help.

I had some questions about the Chargers so Cardinals fans could get to know the team a little better heading into the second preseason game.  I reached out to the great Kyle Posey, enjoy and learn a little about the Arizona Cardinals next opponent.

1. Melvin Gordon scored his first touchdown in the preseason game one, how has he looked in camp and does he look like the guy they hoped he would be when they took him early in '15?

It was nice to see him operate in space on that long TD and just use his speed in the open field for a change. As far as reports go, they've been hot and cold but he's coming off surgery so that's to be expected. It's too early to tell if he looks like "the guy" but I feel like we'll find out early on in the season just how confident they are in him as a player based on the amount of touches he receives. His pass protection is still an issue by all accounts in practice so that's been leaving him off the field on obvious passing downs.

2. How is Melvin Ingram, where does he typically line up and where is he most successful when rushing the passer?

Melvin is picking up where he left off at the end of last year. He's had a good camp and the head coach has talked about how Ingram has taken the next steps. They do a good job of moving him around, but it's mostly lined up over the left tackle. As far as a rusher, when he kicks inside and lines up over guards is when Ingram is at his best. His athleticism is just too much to handle for interior offensive lineman. With extended snaps these next two games we shall see if he can continue to develop into a playmaker. He still gets lost in the run game and has a tendency to freelance and get out of position.

3. Who is going to help take pressure off of Keenan Allen in the passing game?  How much does Antonio Gates still have in the tank?

Good question. They have options. Travis Benjamin is the most viable option. He just needs to get on the same page as Philip Rivers. I think he'll help on a down to down basis as opposed to just being a deep threat more than fans think. They have a young WR in Tyrell Williams who is their home run WR and a former Packers veteran James Jones to be their possession receiver. Gates is Gates, man. 10 yards and under he's still money in the bank. I root for the Chargers and I can't stand how he gets open against other teams. But it's funny. I'd say he'll have a typical season, even if he isn't playing as much just because the chemistry between he and Rivers is second to none. The reason why he won't play as much is 2nd round pick Hunter Henry. He looked great in the preseason opener as a blocker and I already love the idea of him working downfield. There's targets all over in San Diego. Offense won't be an issue.