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Four Sleepers to Target in Your 2016 Fantasy Football Draft

Four players whose average draft position could be to your advantage in fantasy football in 2016.

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Arizona Cardinals fans on Revenge of the Birds are playing fantasy football together with Yahoo! Fantasy Football.  While our main league is full, if you would like to start your own league, do so here.

When it comes to fantasy football there is always a bit of luck involved.

Last season you could have won a fantasy championship by drafting Devonta Freeman, Kirk Cousins and Brandon Marhsall after the sixth round.

Finding the hidden gems in each draft is difficult, but with research and listening to the right people, you can find paydirt.

Here are four players being drafted late that can help you to a fantasy gold in 2016

Marcus Mariota (ADP : QB20)

Mariota is falling out of the top 20 in quarterbacks going in the 13th round according to Fantasy Football Calculator, yet after Mike Mularkey took over on Nov 3, 2015, Mariota put up 1547 yards passing, 10 TD, 180 yards rushing and two touchdowns and one reception for 41 yards and a touchdown over his six full games.

If he is healthy, with the addition of DeMarco Murray and Derrick Henry, he should be able to produce similar numbers per game over 16.

Ameer Abdullah (ADP: RB33)

Abdullah was liked more last year as a rookie it seems like than this year, where he is going in the middle of the 7th round according to Fantasy Football Calculator.  The concern on Abdullah is he has players in Theo Riddick and Zach Zenner/Steven Ridley who could steal touches from him.  Here's the thing, they are not as talented as Abdullah.  Once the run on running backs happen, look for Abdullah, whose talent is superior to everyone's behind him, and if he can hold onto the ball, should be able to produce as a consistent performer.

Michael Thomas, New Orleans (ADP: WR49)

Thomas is a rookie and a part of the New Orleans Saints, which means you can never trust them in fantasy, but he's lasting until the end of the tenth round according to Fantasy Football Calculator.  Thomas has phenomenal hands and is a strong yards after the catch player.  If he's there as your WR3/4, don't hesitate.

Jared Cook (ADP: TE16)

There is a legion of Jared Cook truthers out there and they have been burned more than a couple of times, but the reality is, Cook gets to catch passes, if he can, from Aaron Rodgers.  This is the best chance to "breakout" that Cook will have to cash in one last time.  I am playing the Rodgers factor, plus the contract year factor here and taking Cook before his average draft position of end of the 13th round.