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Thursday Night Preseason Football Open Thread

A place to discuss all things NFL football during the Thursday night preseason games.

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There are six games on tonight, so tonight's "Six Shots and a Chaser" is one player from each game I am watching.

Discuss all of Thursday's NFL preseason games here tonight or anything else that pique's your interest.

First Shot: Philadelphia Eagles at Pittsburgh Steelers 7pm EST

The Arizona Cardinals had interest in Ryan Shazier and Bud Dupree, they won't get a lot of reps in this game, but that's okay.  I want to see Dupree's development especially, because he was one of my top players in 2015.  I like to see where I am at in terms of talent evaluation, last year I was off on Dupree, but it was year one.

Second Shot: Cincinnati Bengals at Detroit Lions 7:30pm EST

Christian Westerman out of ASU is getting reps with the second unit for the Bengals.  I wasn't high on Westerman coming out, so his dropping to day three made sense to me.  That being said, I love the landing spot, because I feel like the Bengals do a nice job of developing talent along their lines.  Plus, it is always fun to see a local kid succeed.

Third Shot: Atlanta Falcons at Cleveland Browns 8pm EST

Terrelle Pryor is listed as the starting wide receiver on the Browns opposite rookie Corey Coleman, this fascinates me. The Browns are the team I am following the most outside of the Arizona Cardinals this year.

Watching Pryor though, that is going really the highlight, as he has bounced around the NFL, but Hue Jackson is the man, and is going to get a chance to turn him into a player.

Fourth Shot: Oakland Raiders at Green Bay Packers 8pm EST

Brett Hundley, the Chandler High School graduate is going to get the start tonight for the Packers, or is supposed to.

Hundley was a hot topic amongst Arizona Cardinals fans in the "quarterback of the future" debate in the 2015 draft, so let's see how he is progressing under Mike McCarthy.

Fifth Shot: Chicago Bears at New England Patriots 8pm EST

How good is Jimmy Garoppolo.  Obviously he is not Tom Brady, so that is a boost for the Arizona Cardinals, but is he going to be a willing fill in for the Arizona Cardinals opening game on Sunday Night Football?

Sixth Shot: Minnesota Vikings at Seattle Seahawks 10pm EST

The Seahawks and Vikings are two teams that will be battling the Arizona Cardinals for the top spot in the NFC.  The game itself is just good to watch, but I'll be zeroing in on the Seahawks offensive line against a top flight Vikings defensive front seven.

Chaser:  I'll be at football practice tonight for the early games, so play nice... Sherriff Gungus will be moderating the boards tonight.

I do want to thank all of you, as Revenge of the Birds has continued to grow the last two months since I took over for Jess.  It is has been a fun two months and I am excited to see what the season brings in terms of new readers.

Most of you are very accommodating, so just continue to welcome new voices as the bandwagon for the Cardinals continues to fill up.