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Tyrann Mathieu is the Best Safety in the NFL

According to Madden 2017 the Arizona Cardinals have the best free safety in the NFL

The Arizona Republic-USA TODAY Sports

Tyrann Mathieu is the best free safety in the NFL, at least according to the initial Madden '17 rankings.  The EA Sports juggernaut are releasing their top five by position and after Patrick Peterson came in fourth at the corner position, it is Tyrann Mathieu who claims the top spot in the free safety rankings.

Mathieu is joined in the top five by Harrison Smith of the Minnesota Vikings, Eric Berry of the Kansas City Chiefs, Earl Thomas of the Seattle Seahawks and Malcolm Jenkins of the Philadelphia Eagles.

The fun thing about the newer Madden ratings, at least based on what my kids tell me, is that they changed based on the players ability during a given season.

That being said, being ranked as the top safety in the only video game with real NFL players is something I am sure Tyrann Mathieu is happy about, especially since we see how much it seemed to bother Patrick Peterson.