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The Good, the Bad and the Ugly - Cardinals start 0-2 in preseason

The good, the bad and the... ugh, I just can't even right now.

Jake Roth-USA TODAY Sports

Oh man preseason is making me anxious. So far through two games the Cardinals are not inspiring me. Of course it is just preseason and after what Keim and Arians have done I have no right to doubt them but watching your team struggle against a team that has been mediocre, it definitely isn't encouraging.

Also, this article is not a rip-off of others work. I promise. Even if you have been writing similar stuff since 2008...


1st Defense - despite the turnovers by the offense the starting defense gave up just 3 points vs most of the first team offense of the Chargers (minus Philip Rivers, who obviously makes a huge difference). We expect them to beat bad offenses and today they did.

Jaron Brown - making a case for himself with two very nice grabs and looking like he definitely deserves to be on the final roster. With Larry Fitzgerald and John Brown out it was good to see him establish himself.

Josh Mauro - Collected his second sack from the interior, making that interior d-line competition even more competitive and difficult to predict.
No offensive TDs first half - while it wasn't a pretty game to watch at least both the first team and second team defenses were able to keep the Chargers offense out of the end zone.


Starting offense - Palmer was almost sacked on his first play and threw an interception for a TD a few plays later. The INT was really more a great call and great play at the right time then Palmer making a bad play, but it still burns.

Coverage by DBs - It was not good on the night and the lack of depth at the CB position is starting to move from concerning to scary. If the pass rush isn't effective this secondary without Mathieu is very thin and looking porous.


Stanton - throwing his 2nd INT in just two games. He has looked bad so far this preseason and that isn't inspiring considering he's our backup. At 30 and with multiple seasons in the league you'd think he'd learn to not rocket passes when his receiver is a few steps away... Granted a few drops and a blatant hold hurt his stats. Maybe I am being too harsh of a seasoned backup struggling against other backups, but I don't think I am.

Cariel Brooks - maybe it was just me but in limited action it felt like he gave up a ton of catches and was exposed in coverage against a career backup QB.

I wasn't able to watch the second half and for that I apologize, help me out and fill me and other fans in on what you thought was the good, the bad and the ugly of the entire game and second half!