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Arizona Cardinals vs San Diego Chargers: Winners and Losers from Cardinals Loss

A look at the winners and losers from the Arizona Cardinals 19-3 loss to the San Diego Chargers.

Orlando Ramirez-USA TODAY Sports

The Arizona Cardinals start the preseason 0-2, but for the most part it does not seem to be a big deal outside of Bruce Arians concerned with a lack of effort and focus.

There were some obvious winners and losers from this game though, as the Arizona Cardinals really crapped the bed in the second preseason game.

Here are preseason game two winners and losers from the Arizona Cardinals at the San Diego Chargers.

The Winners:

  • D.J. Humphries: Humphries continues to build up his play, last night saw him working well in blitz and stunt pick ups in pass protection. He didn’t seem to get the same type of drive in the run game, but that’s his forte and the entire line seemed to struggle with getting a push this week.
  • Brandon Williams: I will reiterate what I have said about Williams before, he isn’t the same athlete moving laterally, but he is explosive in deep coverage. He shows good length and also did a nice job finding the ball tonight and making plays on the ball.
  • Drew Butler and Garrett Swanson: We knocked these guys last week, but this was a change over last week. Swanson banged one punt 52 yards, while Drew Butler punted four times averaging 45 yards and getting two downed inside the 20.

The Losers:

  • Quarterback Room: While Matt Barkley had a nice game at 10/15 for 85 yards, his 5.7 yards per pass is not an Arians(esque) type of quarterback line. Yet, after Barkley, there’s nothing to talk about. It was awful. Two interceptions leading to 10 points. Time to get back to work.
  • Running Game: The Arizona Cardinals want to hang their hat on being a physical team. That means running the ball well and tonight was not the night. 21 carries getting 63 yards rushing, bleh.
  • Chandler Catanzaro: While there is no competition, maybe there needs to be. Catanzaro missed another field goal attempt, albeit a 478 yarder (see below), but you would love to see him get in a bit of a groove here.

Who were your winners and losers from the Arizona Cardinals 19-3 loss to the San Diego Chargers?