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Six Shots and a Chaser with Revenge of the Birds

A look at some of the best articles from the week and a place to discuss all things Football.

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Welcome to Sunday evening.  Great time at practice today, well the portion I stayed for, but it was a new and different experience, which made it fun.

It has been a long week, the Friday games are kind of a bummer for me personally, but we'll get to that shortly.

First Shot: High School football is back in Arizona and if you are a fan of football, I recommend finding a team in your neighborhood to follow and do so.  I have been lucky enough to be involved the last four years covering high school football in some way, that continues this year as I am part of the Arizona Varsity poll voters.

Which is why these Friday night football games are a bummer for me, I love getting out to see some of the local kids in action.  If you have a kid playing in any games, let me know, especially in the east valley, I'd love to come out and support the community.

Second Shot: Speaking of Friday night, I will have to miss another batch of games, or get to one later, as I'll be heading to the Arizona Rattlers Arena Bowl appearance in Glendale.

If you have never been out, I'd highly recommend it, it is a really fun, fast paced experience.  If you can't make it out on Friday, take a look at the game on ESPN and support the local athletes and coaches in the community.

Third Shot: The growth of players like Cardale Jones and Dak Prescott is good for the NFL.  I know it is only two preseason games, but they are putting up better numbers than guys like Drew Stanton and Matt Barkley.  I know the schemes are different, I know everything is scaled back, but these are rookies.  Barkley is in his fourth preseason, Stanton, too many to remember. Would they be able to grasp the Arians schemes? Who knows, but it doesn't seem like Stanton and Barkley are right now either.

Fourth Shot: How do people feel about these articles?  I may see if Blake or Justin have time to do one a week, but I'll be honest, they take a lot of time, so I won't put them on something if they are not going to be popular within the community.

Eagles Film Room: Observations from Philadelphia's preseason win over the Steelers - Bleeding Green Nation
Considering it was a preseason game, I actually enjoyed the first half of the Eagles game this week quite a lot. There was a fair few wow plays and some nice interceptions. However, as always for...

Fifth Shot: A look at all the throws Jimmy Garappolo made from Field Gulls. Those tight ends, man that is going to be fun to watch the Arizona Cardinals figure it out.

The Film Room: Jimmy Garoppolo 2016 preseason debut vs Saints on tape - Field Gulls
Watch how Jimmy Garoppolo performed in his first preseason game of the season.

Sixth Shot:  It is fun to see the Arizona Cardinals universally praised, something we as Cardinals fans are just now getting used too.

The NFC West has 2 Super Bowl contenders and some interesting garbage -
The Cardinals and Seahawks may be the two best teams in the NFL. The Rams have a terrifying defensive line, a new city, and an uninspiring coach. And the 49ers are a lab experiment to see what Chip Kelly can do with Blaine Gabbert, a stapler, three paper clips, and a roll of duct tape. Should be fun!

Chaser: I'd love to see some people that have great takes getting those takes into FanPosts.  I know I talked about this before, but the FanPosts are a great way to find new writers, or if people don't have the time to commit, just show off the talent and knowledge of the community.