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Cardinals vs Chargers: A Closer Look from AlphaRaptor

Community Member AlphaRaptor was at the San Diego Chargers and Arizona Cardinals joint practice and made a nice collection to share with Revenge of the Birds

Jake Roth-USA TODAY Sports

The Arizona Cardinals spent the week in San Diego practicing in beautiful San Diego.

AlphaRaptor, a loyal member of the Revenge of the Birds family was there and took some photos.

These are all AlphaRaptor’s photos, he has sent them to me in order to figure out the best way to embed them into a post, so I just want to make sure everyone is aware, this was all him.

Thanks for taking the time to go out to the practices, but also thinking about site. I appreciate it and so does the rest of the community.

A nice look at warm-ups and the players getting ready.  Must have been one of the first there.  Of course it helped that it was a Tuesday I am guessing.

A good look at the future... #9 :)

From there, well, check out some of the videos he took while we work on some issues in the back end.

J.J. Nelson Working Deep.

Evan Boehm in a one on one situation, what do you think?

Defensive Work against the San Diego Chargers.

Instagram page for Revenge of the Birds.

Thanks AlphaRaptor for the inside look!