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Arizona Cardinals First Opponent New England Patriots Dealing with an Avalanche of Injuries

Despite a bad game for the Arizona Cardinals on Friday, perspective is needed and the New England Patriots have provided it.

Greg M. Cooper-USA TODAY Sports

Despite what most pundits and Arizona Cardinals fans would say was a poor second preseason game for the Arizona Cardinals, the reality is, things could be much worse.

How much worse? Well for context, just take a look at the Arizona Cardinals first regular season opponent, the New England Patriots.

Today three stories broke about Patriots losing key players or starters to injuries.

Dion Lewis, the dynamic change of pace back for the Patriots, basically their version of Andre Ellington, is going to have a second surgery on his knee.

Another injury is that of starting guard, Shaq Mason. Already lean on the interior with Jonathan Cooper being hurt, Mason was slotted in to start at right guard for the Pats, but now is dealing with a broken hand. He could possibly wear a club in the season opener, but the Pats are likely to turn to veteran Josh Kline or back to a maybe healed Jonathan Cooper.

Finally, maybe the biggest blow to the Pats, they have placed right tackle Sebastian Vollmer on the injured reserve. While Vollmer has not been active all training camp, the hope was he would be ready early in the season.

No matter what happened on Friday for the Cardinals, we can definitely say, things were not as bad as what the Patriots are dealing with.