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Arizona Cardinals News and Notes for Sunday plus Tyrann Mathieu is Back

A look at what happened today at training camp with a whole slew of players getting healthy.

Jake Roth-USA TODAY Sports

After a disappointing showing in Friday's preseason loss to the San Diego Chargers, I expected a crisp practice today. That wasn't the reality, as the defense looked ahead of the offense still.

Mike Iupati was out, joining 11 other players who missed practice today, but the returns of Tyrann Mathieu, Justin Bethel and Frostee Rucker not just to practice, but to actually practicing had to be the highlight of the day.

The quarterbacks, all four of them, seemed a bit off today, sailing passes, missing on timing, etc. Palmer settled in towards the end of practice and reports were he looked good to end the day (I had to leave early for a family function).

I don't know if Matt Barkley was running the second team today or if there were so many injuries that guys are pulling double duty, but Barkley was getting some work and I either missed or didn't see Stanton getting a ton work outside of warm ups.

Also of note, Cole Toner was working at the starting left guard spot. I have no idea how this depth chart is going to look but I'm going to make an attempt at a 53 man roster tomorrow.

Defensively, that was a different story. The defense looked fast and focused. Outside of Brandon Williams still needing to learn to turn and make a play on the ball, receivers were having to work really hard.

Mike Jenkins was back today as well and was playing in front of Justin Bethel. It'll be interesting to see how quickly Bethel climbs the depth ladder.

Outside of that, it was great to see Mathieu on the field and working. He didn't waste any time. He spent time with the first and second team, he seemed to be rotating himself in, and did not look like a guy coming off of injury.

From a personal perspective, I need to thank the Arizona Cardinals for letting me into camp as a credentialed writer today and especially thank Adam Green of Arizona Sports. He basically let me follow him around like a lost puppy.

It was a really enjoyable time but tomorrow will be back to the Twitter links. Sorry Riggo.