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Mathias Farley Making it Hard on the Arizona Cardinals

Mathias Farley is showing why the Arizona Cardinals will have such a hard time come final cuts.

Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images

The Arizona Cardinals seem to have a really good problem, in that everyone wonders where player X is on the Arizona Cardinals 53 man roster projection.

That is the type of talent that the Cardinals have accumulated, even if the first two preseason games have been less than ideal.

Through two weeks though, no rookie on the Arizona Cardinals has played as well as Matthias Farley, the undrafted rookie from Notre Dame.

Farley has won over fans and pundits alike, as Pro Football Focus has ranked him their highest graded rookie safety through the first two weeks of the preseason.

Farley’s battle to the 53 is an interesting one, because he needs to beat out not only veteran cornerbacks, but he’ll have to be taken over, likely, a draft pick or two in Marqui Christian and/or Harlan Miller.

While Christian is a more dynamic athlete with the proverbial "higher ceiling" his play has not been on the same plane as Farley’s through the first two preseason games.

Add in that Farley is an ace special teams player from Notre Dame and maybe it will be Farley who surprises and lands on the Arizona Cardinals final 53.

Steve Keim does have a knack for finding those undrafted free agent gems.