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Carson Palmer and the Cardinals in Trouble? PFF Thinks So...

Pro Football Focus is worried about what Carson Palmer and the Arizona Cardinals have shown in the preseason.

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NFL: Preseason-Arizona Cardinals at San Diego Chargers Jake Roth-USA TODAY Sports

The Arizona Cardinals 2015 season was beloved by all, especially analytics site Pro Football Focus. Yet, despite the preseason not meaning anything to most, Pro Football Focus had the Arizona Cardinals as one of five losers coming out of week two in the preseason.

I can see that, the Cardinals offense looked lost, but it was the reasoning that really caught me off guard and has me scratching my head, from Pro Football Focus.

The Arizona Cardinals prospects in 2016

Carson Palmer’s 2015 season was otherworldly. Given the deep-passing offense Bruce Arians runs in the desert, with Palmer leading the league in average depth of target (11.3 yards down field), he shouldn’t have been able to be as efficient and careful with the football as he was prior to injuring his finger late last year. That season was so far removed from his career baseline (in terms of PFF grades) that you have to wonder just how far he will regress this season, even if we concede that this might be the best-suited offense for his skill-set that he’s had around him since entering the NFL. In preseason Week 2, Palmer had a disastrous outing against the Chargers, throwing one pick-six and another pass that should have been intercepted. It’s only the preseason, but it certainly brings the topic up, and the Cardinals need Palmer to be elite for this team to be true contenders again in 2016.

Wait… What?

The Cardinals 2016 rests on Palmer, sure, but an eight pass attempt outing is enough to draw concnern on the prospects of the Arizona Cardinals in 2016?

Where’s that Monday Overreaction article?