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Six Shots and Chaser with Revenge of the Birds: News and Notes from the Final Day of Training Camp with the Arizona Cardinals

A look at the final day of camp for the Arizona Cardinals, plus a place to talk about the NFL preseason games

NFL: Arizona Cardinals Training Camp The Arizona Republic-USA TODAY Sports

There are two games tonight for the NFL Preseason, each with some intriguing talent to get to know, while getting ready for the Arizona Cardinals national TV debut on Sunday.

That, some good reads from the week that was, as well as a look at the Arizona Cardinals game highlight today’s six shots.

First Shot: Atlanta Falcons at Miami Dolphins 8pm EST

There is a lot to like about what the Falcons are building in Atlanta, and that is highlighted by two defensive players taken in the last two draft, both of whom drew the intrigue of Arizona Cardinals fans. Vic Beasley is looking to improve on a very average rookie season while Keanu Neal makes his preseason debut for the Falcons.

Second Shot: Dallas Cowboys at Seattle Seahawks 10pm EST

There is nothing more to this game than the legend of Dak Prescott.  Oh sure, you can watch Ezekiel Elliot make his Cowboys debut, watch and see how much of a dumpster fire the Seahawks offensive line is, or see if the Cowboys defense can create any type of pass rush, but let’s be honest, this is all about Dak.

Third Shot: If you are not following the Josh Brown saga in New York (and saga is probably to light of a word) I don’t blame you.  What the New York Giants owner said though, that was interesting and not in a good type of way.

Fourth Shot: Learning about the Spread Offense in the NFL and what it can do for teams is something that I think is underrated.  I think the idea that spread offenses are college gimmick offenses puts too narrow a focus on what the spread does.  Kevin Clark of The Ringer has done a nice job talking about the spread offense and why it is being embraced by the most modern thinking of NFL coaches.

Fifth Shot: The Arizona Cardinals use to be the team that could not sign their high draft picks.  It is good to see things are changing.  The Joey Bosa saga in San Diego makes the Chargers seem like an organization out of touch and desperate.  Especially with the way things are going now that they have taken to the press in order to call him out.

Sixth Shot: I found my future, so I am excited to get to 45 now, when all my kids are out of the house and the wife and I can travel and drink wine and I can complain about it like I do the Arizona Cardinals not winning a Super Bowl every year.

Chaser: News and Notes from the Arizona Cardinals last day of training camp

Riddick? That’s not what you want to see.

If he’s not cutting lose, then the NFL better watch out.

Feel bad for those in the first cuts if it was easy.

There would be something nice and poetic about it.

This would probably be the best option... I am kidding... Kind of.

Don’t let Bruce Arians know about this.

Maybe the biggest news to come from camp. I wrote about this for tomorrow, but feel free to discuss now if you cannot wait.

Goodbye from Cards camp, thank you for all the updates.

Enjoy the games tonight.