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John Brown Leaves Practice... Again

Is it time to start worrying about John Brown for the Arizona Cardinals?

Philadelphia Eagles v Arizona Cardinals Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images

Injuries in training camp are not anything new for the Arizona Cardinals, in fact the relative calm is a little terrifying for most Cardinals fans.

Yet, the air is not completely clear for the Arizona Cardinals and they are dealing with maybe the most complex injury in football at this time.

John Brown left practice again on Thursday and it is getting to almost a month since his initial concussion caused him to leave a practice.

Concussions are just not something you mess with, I don’t care how old school you are, how much you love the game, there is just too much to lose if you are playing with a concussion or concussion like symptoms.

It is also a situation where the Arizona Cardinals do not need John Brown to be healthy in order for their offense to run effectively. He may be the most dynamic playmaker in the group, but his production is replaceable by Jaron Brown and J.J. Nelson while he heals properly.

The scary part is what this does long term for Brown and how it changes, if at all what the Arizona Cardinals plans were for the wide receiver position.

There is little doubt that Brown was on the precipice of becoming a great receiver, but a head injury that lingers changes everything.

All that matters right now is the John Brown gets healthy, but it would be disappointing for another training camp to claim a starter via injury.