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Friday Night Preseason Football Open Thread

A chance to talk about the NFL preseason games for Friday, 8-26-16.

ArenaBowl XXIV - Jacksonville Sharks v Arizona Rattlers

The Arizona Cardinals get the mainstage on Sunday, getting the “Game of the Week” on Fox on Sunday with the number one crew and no other games on at the time.

Tonight, however, there are a number of games.

I won’t be able to watch much, as I am headed, right now actually, to the Arena Bowl in Glendale to watch the Arizona Rattlers take on the Philadelphia Soul.

Each game tonight offers some intriguing match ups though.

Here is what I would be watching in each preseason game tonight.

New England Patriots at Carolina Panthers 730pm EST

How does Jimmy Garoppolo look? That’s the most important aspect to any Arizona Cardinals fan right now.

Buffalo Bills at Washington Redskins 730pm EST

What does the Bills defense look like? The Arizona Cardinals get the Bills in week three of the regular season, and the Bills have had a rough off season with injuries and suspensions. Yet, if I was to be worried about a Rex Ryan team, it would be one that is playing the underdog, more so than the favorite.

Pittsburgh Steelers at New Orleans Saints 8pm EST

Mike Thomas of New Orleans. He fell, in my opinion, in the draft, but has looked great in camp and the preseason. Does he continue to grow as a player?

Cleveland Browns at Tampa Bay Buccaneers 8pm EST

The Brown offense, mostly Terrelle Pryor and Robert Griffin III. How do they continue to develop and will it eventually make Josh Gordon expendable?

Green Bay Packers at San Francisco 49ers 10pm EST

There is only one question in San Francisco, can the 49ers find a quarterback? Maybe the best player thus far has been Jeff Driskell, but if Colin Kaepernick can regain his form, maybe he has a chance to salvage his time in San Francisco.

Enjoy the games tonight and go Rattlers.