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Arizona Cardinals Preseason Game Three Preview

Jess and I are back on the Rise Up, See Red podcast.

Jake Roth-USA TODAY Sports

The Arizona Cardinals head into week three of the preseason with a lot of things in place, yet there were a couple of moves on the depth chart, as well as some shaky play in the second preseason game that needed to be discussed.

Jess and I talked about the injuries and what we expect playing time wise with the Arizona Cardinals newly activated players off the PUP.

How much does Robert Nkemdiche need to play versus a Justin Bethel versus Tyrann Mathieu?

Next, we took a look at the preseason loss to the San Diego Chargers, which led to a discussion about Mike Bercovici and what the Arizona Cardinals are looking for in their young quarterback... Hint, it is not a starting quarterback of the future.

From there we took a quick look at what we expect to see in the third preseason game and talked whether it matters, even if it is the last "tune up" for the regular season.

Listen and enjoy.