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Carson Palmer Throws INT Gets Destroyed on Cheap Shot

The Arizona Cardinals quarterback threw an interception then things got worse.

Arizona Cardinals v San Diego Chargers Photo by Stephen Dunn/Getty Images

Carson Palmer has not had the best of preseasons, he has thrown three interceptions and led only two scoring drives, but his last interception of the preseason took its toll on Palmer even more.

Palmer threw an interception early in the game that was tipped by Vince Wilfork and then picked off, but his second interception was just bad.

On an attempted screen, Palmer was baited into a bad throw by the outside linebacker, who picked off the pass and returned it for a touchdown.

The issue was after the play, when Devon Still took the chance to take a shot on the Arizona Cardinals quarterback, and drilled Palmer high, near the head area, sending Palmer’s helmet flying.

It will not be surprising to hear that Still should be expecting an envelope from the league after that hit, with the emphasis put on protecting players after a turnover, especially quarterbacks.