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Arizona Cardinals Make Two Roster Moves, Get Roster to 75

The Arizona Cardinals made a pair of roster moves in the secondary to get to the 75 man roster limit.

Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

The Arizona Cardinals have reached the 75 player cut down mark with two more roster moved today, neither of which are overly surprising.

The team has agreed to an injury settlement with veteran cornerback Alan Ball.

Ball was signed only a couple of weeks ago, but he's been almost invisible during his time in Arizona with a number of ailments.

Ball will be free to sign with a new team.

The other move is really not a surprise either when you put all of the information we've received to date.

Elie Bouka was placed on the injured reserve, meaning he will remain with the Arizona Cardinals for the year.

Bouka was coming off major surgery and has missed a lot of time in camp, but he is an extremely intriguing athlete that has some ability in the secondary.

This move likely means Arizona would love to see more and now they can keep him with the team for a year in order to do so.

That's it for the first wave of cuts, we'll be back likely Friday and the weekend for the rest.