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Arizona Cardinals Red and White Practice Open Thread

A place to discuss all that is happening during the Red and White Practice

Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports

Today is the Arizona Cardinals Red and White Practice and that means a lot of great information.  We will be all over today's events, as well as looking at what the beat guys have to say.

If you are making a trek out to University of Phoenix Stadium today, well make sure you write about it in the FanPosts, as I can promise you it will be featured on the main page that evening, even though Revenge of the Birds will be heavily represented with both Blake Murphy and Alex Mann out covering the day.

For those that cannot make it out to camp, here is the twitter feed for all those Arizona Cardinals takes that you'll need during training camp. If you think another account needs to be added to the feed, let me know, I'll take a look. As always, keep it civil in the comments section, remember, we are all Cardinals fans and it is just practice... The Red and White Practice though.