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Arizona Cardinals Kick Off the Season in 35 Days

What are some numbers and players that go with 35 in Cardinals history?

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

We are five short weeks away from the Arizona Cardinals opening the regular season against the New England Patriots. There have been some good players that have worn 35 in Cardinals history and of course one Hall of Famer, but there are also some good stats to go with the number 35.

Let's check it out.

  • No player in Cardinals history was as good in the number 35 as Hall of Fame cornerback Aeneas Williams. Williams 10 years in Arizona resulted in six Pro Bowls and two All Pro seasons.  He was apart of the Cardinals first playoff team in Arizona.  He was the Arizona Cardinals (technically the Phoenix Cardinals) in the early and mid 90's.  Unlike Larry Fitzgerald, Williams never realized a complete turn around in the franchise, but his play never went unnoticed, which is all that matters.
  • Jim Otis was a nice running back in the 70's with the Cardinals, including a Pro Bowl and 1000 yard season in 1975. Joe Childress wore 35 in the 60's and had a couple good seasons with the Cardinals.
  • Carson Palmer set a single season franchise record with 35 touchdown passes in 2015. 

Any other 35's worth talking about?