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Big 12 Prospect Preview

The Big 12 is known for their offense, and this year is no different. Meet some of the prospects from the Big 12

Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

It is that time, with another podcast for the 2017 NFL Draft, this one focusing on the Big 12 prospects.

Seth and I started out talking about the quarterbacks and their are four that are interesting draft prospects, but one could be this years Paxton Lynch, and make a big move into the top of the 2017 NFL Draft lineup.

There are some talented running backs in the Big 12, including one who may have a chance to be "the guy" at running back in the 2017 NFL Draft.

From there the wide receiver prospects offer a range of different abilities and we took at look at how those players measure up.

The rest of the offense was heavily focused on the interior offensive line, as the tackles in the Big 12 have too many questions at this point.

The defensive portion of the shows was short, as the Big 12 prospects on defense have a lot of question marks.

Finally, we unveil our giveaway for our loyal listeners, so check out the newest episode and maybe get one of the best  giveaways when it comes to the NFL Draft.