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Six Shots and a Chaser with Revenge of the Birds

A new open forum to talk about all things football and who knows what else.

Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

The NFL season kicks off tonight so we should have a thread to talk about the game as well as anything else football relevant.

First Shot: A couple rules on the thread:

  1. No Hurricanes: Text blocks are welcome but they are better served in the Fan Posts section. Share a link here or on any thread. 
  2. Keep it civil.
  3. Keep it relative.
  4. No illegal streams or inappropriate content.
  5. Have fun.

Second Shot: The Hall of Fame Game Has Been Cancelled

Welp. Glad they put player safety first, but this is not a good look.

Third Shot: The best thing I read this week

Danny Kelly did great work at Field Gulls before being plucked up by Bills Simmons' new site "The Ringer".  He wrote a great piece on the new age of the slot receiver.

It is great to see the changing landscape of the NFL and see the Arizona Cardinals included in it.

Fourth Shot: The Best Non Football thing I read this week

Nothing seems to be going right in the DC Comics universe when it comes to the critics, but don't tell audiences that.  After Batman vs Superman was panned, Suicide Squad has received equally bad reviews.  Yet, the DC Universe is making money by the boatload.

If the movies suck, how are they so successful?  Maybe those who are doing the reviewing just don't understand?

This article was a really good explanation, at least to me, of why everyone needs to stop grading super hero movies as the same genre and instead grade each movie on their own merits.

Fifth Shot: Rookie to Watch

I am becoming completely enamored with Marqui Christian.  His role in 2016 will likely be limited to special teams, but that is fine, he is one of those players that you can see making a jump each year.  Special teams this year, rotation piece next year, starter in 2018,

Sixth Shot: What's Realistic for Palmer

I always wonder what people expect from a player that will be 37 this season.  How long can he keep up this renaissance and is expecting him to continue to play at the 2015 level fair?

Chaser: Fun question from @BeauxJaxson

Do you replace Palmer with Warner? Do you bring back Adrian Wilson? What does Daryl Washington count as? Know what, this game is stupid, never mind.