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Bird Droppings: News and Notes from Behind Enenmy Lines

A look at the Arizona Cardinals upcoming opponent as well as their division rivals.

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

With things heating up around the league it is has been suggested I give you, the fine readers of Revenge of the Birds, some information regarding the rest of the league.

While the internet is vast, I hope these articles will fill the void in your football soul.

I'll start with a look at the Oakland Raiders and then move into some talk about NFC West rivals, this will be a once a week thing, usually on Wednesday or Thursday, but with the short week until the game, let's go with it today.

Justin Ellis Learned From Last Year

The young nose tackle overworked himself heading into his first training camp, and with the Raiders moving more and more toward a 3-4 defense, he's in a battle with for Cardinals Dan Williams.

Raiders Interior OL Looks to Dominate

The raiders have one the best offensive line in the NFL, and it starts with the dominant interior.  See what the Arizona Cardinals starting defense will face in their first couple drives to start the pre-season.

Seattle Seahawks Signing of Jahri Evans and How He Fits

The Seahawks brought in a veteran offensive lineman and are hoping they can get one more season out of him.  Here is a video breakdown of what Evans had while in New Orleans.

The 49ers really like their two first round rookies

A look at Josh Garnett and DeForest Buckner.  Will they help the 49ers rebuild?

The Los Angeles Rams rookie tight end looks good in camp

The Rams made some waves in selecting Tyler Higbee, but he has turned heads at camp.

Have you read anything you want to include? Hit a link in the comments section.