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Arizona Cardinals vs Denver Broncos Preseason Game Thread

Talk about the Arizona Cardinals vs Denver Broncos 2016 preseason game thread.

Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports

This is it, the final preseason game for the Arizona Cardinals in 2016. With that comes our final tune up as fans for the game threads.

Tonight, only one thread, because I am not expecting a huge amount of action that needs to be discussed. However, if things get wild and crazy, I may throw a second half thread up.

This should be a fun night for a lot of people that will not be on NFL rosters in two days, so let's keep that in mind as we are posting our thoughts on the game.

No need for a flame war on Barkley, his fate will be known soon enough.

You can check out game information here.

Five players that need good games here.

Stay up to date with the Arizona Cardinals depth chart here.

Denver Broncos talk can be found here.

A fun night and the final preseason game, so enjoy... Or flip over to real college football.