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Bruce Arians Unhappy with Young Players, but Says Errors are Fixable

The Arizons Cardinals head coach talked with the media after the opening night loss

NFL: New England Patriots at Arizona Cardinals Matt Kartozian-USA TODAY Sports

There seems to be a whisper of concern coming out of the Arizona Cardinals after their 23-21 loss to a depleted New England Patriots team.

Not desparation, not panic, but concern that the young guys are not getting it all mentally and that the health of other players may be contributing to some issues.

Here is what Arizona Cardinals head coach Bruce Arians said today.

What type of errors you ask?

Also, the injuries are already starting to rear their ugly head:

Also, maybe there was a reason Drew Butler didn't kick well.

In a weird way, Arians thought David Johnson was used too much last night and Chris Johnson not enough.

I... Moving along.

John Brown was clearly not ready.

Arians was not shy abkut who he saw as playing poorly last night, did you see it the same way?

The difference between a pass rusher and a safety in a deep secondary.

If it makes you feel better, Bruce Arians is just as disappointed as we were with the product of last night's game.

He does think a lot of the mistakes are correctable though.

Was not about lack of preparation during the week, but instead about a lack of production on the field Sunday night.

That's it from this week, on to Tampa Bay.