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Arizona Cardinals Continue to Churn Practice Squad

The preseason and training camp phenom, Chris Hubert is now looking for work

Denver Broncos v Arizona Cardinals Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images

The Arizona Cardinals and General Manager Steve Keim continue to churn the bottom of the roster, or in this case the practice squad.

A day after releasing quarterback Aaron Murray, who I speculated was only in town to play Jimmy Garoppolo for a week, the Arizona Cardinals have released wide receiver and training camp superstar Chris Hubert.

The Cardinals brought back receiver Marquis Bundy who will join newly re-signed defensive back Trevon Hartfield.

Hubert was the star of training camp the first two weeks, but his play in games just never matched up.

Until the last week, where he put in his best work.

It was too little too late for Hubert though, who was cut in the last roster moves.

He was brought back to the practice squad, but after only one week, and work as Julian Edelman (?) he has been released.

Good luck to both Aaron Murray and Chris Hubert moving forward.