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Carson Palmer and the Arizona Cardinals Offense Needs to Wake Up

After a slow preseason, the Arizona Cardinals opened up slow offensively again, it's time to wake up.

New England Patriots v Arizona Cardinals Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images

It has been four games with meaning since the Arizona Cardinals offense looked like the top unit in the NFL.

Since the Green Bay Packers game where they blew out the Packers, the Cardinals first team offense has had 41 offensive drives, they scored on one drive, five drives, two drives and three drives and averaged 17 points a game.

11 scoring drives in 41 opportunities, a 26.8% scoring percentage is down from the 42.5% of the 2015 regular season.

The offense that was supposed to be special, supposed to be one of the most dynamic in the NFL has done a lot of spinning their wheels.

Take out the half of a game that they played, where they still had eight offensive drives to score, against the Seattle Seahawks, and they are still only scoring 20.6 points per game, or ten points less per game than what they averaged over the entire 2015 regular season.

David Johnson has become one of the best running backs in the NFL, they have continued to invest heavily in the offensive line and the receiving corps is the same, yet they cannot seem to get things going again.

We heard from many that they thought it was the finger of Carson Palmer that was the big let down at the end of last season, that with a year off he would be healthy and ready to roll.

Yet the dynamic offense that we all expected to see struggled to find a rhythm all evening on Sunday night.

What is the recipe for success? Honestly, I don’t know right now.

There hasn’t been enough turnover, outside of the offensive line, to point to anything for sure.

What we all know is that the Arizona Cardinals season hangs on what their offense can produce and it needs to get back to being a very good offense if they want to get to their ultimate goal.