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Every Quarterback that Has Thrown Larry Fitzgerald a Touchdown Pass

The list is long... And not distinguisged at all.

NFL: New England Patriots at Arizona Cardinals Matt Kartozian-USA TODAY Sports

To say Larry Fitzgerald’s career has been special is an understatement.

He became just the tenth player in NFL history to reach 100 receiving touchdowns and he stands alone at the position.

He has done so on an Arizona Cardinals team that has just five winning seasons while he has been here, but maybe even more impressively, is that he has done it with a bevy of terrible, bad, average, good and a couple of great quarterbacks.

The Arizona Cardinals, maybe to showcase the consistency of what Fitzgerald has been on the field, but also highlighting the ineptitude that he has had to deal with, released a list of quarterbacks who have thrown a touchdown pass to Larry Fitzgerald.

The list is a sad reminder of what Larry Fitzgerald has put up with in his Arizona Cardinals career, but also a testament that he has not only stuck around, but from his second season on, been the best receiver on the Arizona Cardinals roster.

Congratulations, Larry and from Revenge of the Birds and a lifelong Arizona Cardinals fan, thank you for giving me something to watch for 16 weeks a year for over a decade.