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What does Tharold Simon Bring to the Arizona Cardinals

The Arizona Cardinals brought in help at the corner position, but can he make an impact?

NFL: Preseason-Seattle Seahawks at Oakland Raiders Kelley L Cox-USA TODAY Sports

The Arizona Cardinals all of a sudden have a type. It is not a bad thing, we all have a type we prefer, whether it is in dating, drinking beer or eating food, we have our favorites and we tend to stick with it. When we do venture out, it usually comes in the form of someone or something similar to what we have enjoyed before.

That is where the Arizona Cardinals are with cornerbacks. They've developed a liking to long, lean, linear athletes.

The issue becomes those players are rarely available, so when one shows up, you pounce and hope that they can be the one.

That is what the Arizona Cardinals are doing with Tharold Simon.

He struggled to get time in Seattle, where they were desperate to find an answer opposite Richard Sherman.

Sherman loved Simon, from the Seattle Times:

Simon tantalized the Seahawks for years with his 6-3, 202-pound size, often drawing comparisons on physical makeup to other Seattle cornerbacks such as Richard Sherman. Sherman, in fact, stated several times in recent years that he thought Simon had the ability to be among the best corners in the NFL...

But aside from a few highlights down the stretch in 2014 — notably, a start at Philadelphia in a late-season 24-14 win — Simon’s production never reached his potential.

That's what the Arizona Cardinals are hoping, that they can pull the talent out of Simon.

Ian Wharton, lead scout for B/R 1000 through Bleacher Report doesn't know if Simon can do that though, from Wharton:

The 6'2", 202-pound Simon has the length to disrupt receivers early in routes in press and also at the catch point. But like most tall cornerbacks, Simon is stiff the hips, and his safety-like build hampers him considerably once off the line of scrimmage. He struggles recovering when the receiver gets one step one him, and thus is limited to specific zone coverages, such as Cover 4, where he'll have constant safety help over the top and linebacker help inside. His footwork remains subpar, and improving this aspect could help him stick on a roster as a functional player.

His measurables are fascinating, but injuries may have sapped his athleticism and he has not shown consistent production when on the field.

Here's to hoping he puts it together in Arizona.