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Sleeper/Sell Week Two: The Bucs Stop Here?

Blake's Weekly Column in which he tries to guess what fantasy football players will do great for the Cardinals and other teams.

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Hello and Welcome Back to Sleeper/Sell, where I pick out a sleeper and a potential player to sell.

Week in and out this will be my weekly fantasy column at Revenge of the Birds, with a Cardinals-heavy focus analyzing them and their opponent.  I'll also be adding a few bonus picks to the bottom as well for your fantasy roster.

Last week, we NAILED it by picking Larry Fitzgerald as the "Must Start" of the week, and Fitz went off for 81 yards and two touchdowns as he ate up underneath coverage..  Let's take a look at who this week's studs will be:

So, how do the Cardinals look versus the Bucs this week?

Let's take a look:

Start of the Week: Mike Evans, WR, Tampa Bay

While at first it might seem that Evans will get the Patrick Peterson treatment, Peterson said this week that he may have to cover some of Jackson and some of Evans, depending on how the gameplan goes.

If that's the case, and Evans gets matched up against Brandon Williams, there'll certainly be a few times that Jameis targets him.  While Williams played quite well overall in his 71 snaps against the Patriots (suffering two huge costly mental errors however) Mike Evans is a different story.

I'd expect that while Doug Martin could have a long day, Evans might be too good to be bottled up and Winston will be sure to find him.


Don't be too shocked if John Brown makes a comeback this week.  He's had another week to get healthier from his concussion issues and what Bill Belichick does best is take away a team's strength.  Brown was plastered and covered downfield all night, as Belichick tried to take away Arians' downfield threat (which, I actually predicted last week oddly enough, would benefit Fitzgerald)

This week, going up against some larger sized corners who've had some struggles getting burned in years recent in Conte and Grimes the corner, I think that Palmer will find himself with a bit more room to work with and with J.J. Nelson likely out for this game, Brown's inclusion will be vital.

CARDS SELL: Chris Johnson, RB

Johnson hardly got any carries last week, with Andre Ellington taking over as the backup RB.  I'd expect that to continue this week as David Johnson and Andre Ellington are both, really, the more talented running backs.  Johnson might get a few tough carries but they will be up-the-middle runs.  He might find himself as the 3rd back as long as Ellington and David Johnson are healthy.

BUCS SLEEPER Cameron Brate, TE

While Sefarian-Jenkins gets the majority of the coverage, Brate has come on a lot in the Bucs preseason as a quick mismatch in the passing game.  Arizona has managed tight ends much better in recent years than in the Todd Bowles days, but they might have their hands full with Sefarian-Jenkins as Mathieu continues to recover.

Look for Brate to see an endzone target or two.

BUCS SELL: Doug Martin, RB

I think Martin might still end up with a touchdown, in case of a turnover, but there's a big difference between a big Bucs win and a Cardinals team rebounding from a loss that they should have one.  I feel like Arizona will be motivated and on the warpath on defense this game, and as a top 5 run defense in the last 5 years, that means that there'll be little running room for Martin.  And if Arizona can't get to the passer, like they couldn't versus a few backup tackles and Garoppolo, Winston might be throwing anyway.



Jack Doyle, TE, Colts--Doyle was an unknown before catching two touchdowns against the Colts.  The Broncos don't guard tight ends well, and Luck will throw a lot, especially in checkdowns.  He and Jack Doyle are must-starts this week despite a brutal matchup agains the Broncos defense.

Jalen Richard, RB, Raiders--Richard might not have gotten a ton of carries but he did show explosiveness on a 75-yard touchdown run AND the Raiders are playing the hapless Falcons' run defense.  I would expect Richard to keep stealing carries from Washington, and possibly from Latavius Murray.  If you need a RB in a deep league, pick him up & hope for the best.


Travis Benjamin, WR, Chargers--Despite what it might look like with Keenan Allen out for the year, I don't think Travis Benjamin breaks out next week.  Why?  They're playing the Jaguars.

What once might have been mocked is now looking legit, as Aaron Rodgers didn't break 200 yards passing against their defense and Jalen Ramsey (a hybrid of Patrick Peterson and Tyrann Mathieu) will likely draw the #1 WR.  Which is now Benjamin.  I'd expect the Chargers' passing attack to struggle this week.

Terrelle Pryor, WR, Browns--With RG3, Pryor was worth a WR3 flyer until Josh Gordon came back on vertical routes.  Without him, I'd expect Josh McCown to utilize TE Gary Barnidge a lot more than his zero catches in Week One and that takes Pryor out of the equation

If you have fantasy questions, I'll do my best to get to them in the comments or just sent me a message on Twitter to @blakemurphy7